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2018 Nomination Recipient: Ellie

2018 Dodge for a Cause Recipient: Ellie

2018 Nomination Recipient: Ellie

Ellie is our 13-year old sweetheart and handful. She has two brothers that keep her on her toes and drive her crazy. Ellie loves animals. She wants to be a Veterinarian Technician when she grows up. Ellie is such a “girly-girl”. She loves hair and make-up and loves the mall.

Ellie’s first seizure occurred when she was 9 months old. It took several months, many medication cocktails and trips to Stanford, but we were able to get her seizures under control. She was seizure free for 4 ½ years. Then, one night they started up again and have not stopped. This was 7 years ago. Ellie has a type of epilepsy referred to as refractory epilepsy. This type of epilepsy cannot be controlled by medications, and Ellie has seizures about every three days, lasting five to seven minutes each. Ellie sleeps in our room every night. At some point, a girl should be able to sleep in her own room and bathe in privacy.

With Ellie’s need for some independence and love for animals (especially dogs), a seizure response dog is exactly what she needs. She will be able to sleep in her own room, go for walks with her dog, be in her room with her door closed and not always have one of us on the other side of the door. It will open up the possibilities in Ellie’s life, and provide her with a new friend.