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2021 Recipient Beneficiaries

2021 Kick for a Cause Recipients

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Lennah Martinez

They say, “no news is good news!” In our case, this saying certainly applies to us. We could actually say that, “so much has happened within the last two years” (since our last blog post!) but in all reality, Lennah’s health and well being have never been more stable. Can we all take a moment to knock on wood now?

Lennah enjoyed Kindergarten and is now thriving in 1st grade. We chose to mainstream her schooling so that she would be exposed to the general education curriculum. Although Lennah is considered ‘non-verbal’ her receptive language skills continue to prove to us how intelligent she is. Her understanding of the world around her is just as apt as any typical 8 year old. She loves to be included in anything her peers are doing and she thrives off peer-supported education. For example – if Mommy tries to work on her homework with her, she’s not too keen… pretty typical, eh? But if Truby and Lennah work on their homework together, Lennah is 100% engaged! Truby has become an excellent teacher, as well as a relentless little therapist, a very attentive nurse and a forever best friend.

Visit to see Lennah’s journey.

Lila Barber

Visit to see what an impact your fundraising dollars have made in Lila’s life! (THANK YOU!!!!)

This is Lila from intensive physical therapy directly after her second stem cell treatment in 2015.

This is Lila in the summer of 2018. She has worked so hard for the past 3 years, and we could not have afforded these treatments/therapies with the support of our community and the dodgeball tournament! Thank you!!!

Shelby Benzing

Shelby is a Beautiful 15-year-old smart Girl and lives with Cerebral Palsy She attends AACT High School in the Business Academy. Shelby’s dream one day she would like to have her own business or work in the IT field. Shelby has a Service dog named Krystof who she loves very much and relies on to help her build her independence.Shelby very much likes to do the same things her typical peers do and have a place to belong. Living with Cerebral Palsy Shelby now has a full understanding that she needs to stay physically active. Upstate Nevada Crossfit has given Shelby the opportunity to belong to community that is amazing, and she is an equal with the rest. Upstate Nevada Crossfit has changed Shelby physical strength, attitude and is now setting goals for herself to be stronger.

Thanks To Dodgeball for the Cause! For nominating Shelby as one the recipients for 2020. The funds given to us will go back to Upstate Nevada Crossfit for continue alternative physical active for Shelby to become more independently stronger.

Thank you

The Benzing Family

Reno Rescue Adaptive Riding Center

Our purpose is to help humans heal physical and emotional wounds using an approach that centers around the horse. Most of our horses are rescues that require some level of training, rehabilitation, or veterinary care.

There is a powerful and unique bilateral relationship where we are all helping each other in many ways. To learn more about our programs and services please visit us on our website

Jonathan Davila

At 2 months old, Jonathan suffered a traumatic brain injury. His injuries resulted in extensive brain damage. The road to recovery has not been easy, Jonathan is developmentally delayed, and he is unable to walk, or talk and is completely dependent on others. In his short life he has had to overcome so many obstacles and my family and I strive to provide Jonathan with the best quality life experiences. Throughout the years he has made great progress, which can only get better with the proper therapies. That is why we are very grateful for Dodge For A Cause, their generosity will allow us to provide Jonathan with Intensive Physical Therapy which he desperately needs. 

Lillian Darnell

Seventeen-year-old Lillian Darnell was diagnosed at 3 years old with a rare chromosome deletion which only affects 1 in 56,000 called 18p-. She was delayed in many developmental milestones. Speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy were a constant in her early years and throughout middle school.

The main way that 18p- continues to manifest and cause difficulties is with speech difficulties, anxiety, chronic pain, deep fears, inability to process strong emotions, and executive skills.

We are fortunate a group exists specifically for people like Lillian and families like us. That group is the Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society.

There is the Registry arm which is comprised of the families as members and a Research arm in which they study the deletions, duplications, and rings of chromosome 18. They are based out of the University of Texas in San Antonio.

Every summer The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society hosts a family conference to bring families together, provide us with the latest research, and facilitate sessions regarding therapies, transition, and financial planning.

Although we learn about the latest in therapies, simply attending the conference is one long therapy session for Lillian. It is incredibly inspiring for her and she has commented recently that when she is there, her stress lifts. Knowing that she will attend, she sets goals of fears to conquer either before the conference or during the conference.

Lillian’s only friends are her peers she has met through the Registry. She texts and messages with them all year and this is the one time a year they all get to see each other in person. They get each other, like no other could. I call that “friend therapy”!

If interested, here’s where you can go to learn more about Lillian and her family:

Lillian is a first time author and has a blog and website at

Lillian’s mom, Camilla Downs, is a writer, poet, and author with a blog and website at

And they have an online digital family journal at

Beau Davis

Beau Davis is a happy 2 year old. He suffered a stroke in utero. The doctors estimate that it occurred in the first trimester. The stroke resulted in a hemiparesis cerebral palsy diagnoses. We are currently transition to the keto diet to see if it will help prevent seizures as he occasionally has a seizure. He is doing better than the doctors expected thanks to a ton of therapy. We strive to put him in any activity possible as it drastically helps him and motivates him. He has done gymnastics, swim, soccer, kickball and basketball. One of his favorites is swim “therapy”, and seems to help him out significantly. Swim is very costly and is what this donation will help pay for. Thank you to everyone that helps put on this event and participates as it means the world to us.

2020 Dodge for a Cause Recipient: Lindsey

Lindsey Franklin

Lindsey is 26 years old, and has a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome.

She is intellectually and physical disabled, but her family and friends who live in Reno, never define her by her disability.

Lindsey has a smile that warms your heart, and the most amazing giggle.

She is a true nature lover, and one of her favorite places to go for a walk is Virginia Lake. She enjoys feeding the ducks and the geese. Lindsey is an animal lover, and animals are also drawn to her.

Lindsey just had major abdominal surgery, and she proved how strong and brave she is in her life. The doctors and therapists were pleasantly surprised, how quickly she recovered from surgery.


Dylan Davis

Dylan is a joyful 5 year old with a big vocabulary and a great sense of humor. He was born with a micro-deletion on one of his chromosomes that
has affected his eyesight. He has seen many doctors in order to determine the issues affecting his vision but will now be able to take
it further with regular therapy sessions thanks to Dodge for a Cause. This vision therapy along with his regular PT to boost motor skills will
better prepare him to hit the classroom and playground alike as he starts kindergarten in August.
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